Jennifer´s work focuses on Fashion, People and Portrait Photography. She is juggling between fine art projects and commissioned work. As a german native she was educated in Hamburg and Los Angeles. She received a bachelor's degree in Fashion Design and specialized in Fashion Photography. As a photographer she works very intuitive and draws her inspiration mainly through fictional cinema and subcultures derived from extensive travel that takes her to very remote locations. 

The almost Documentary Photography comes to play as an intrinsic act which is nourished by a genuine interest in understanding cultures and liberation on a deeper level.

The body of work teaches that the world is nothing but the reflection of our inner state. She sees herself growing in the craft beyond boundaries of commissioned work.

Soaking the wonders of life. My approach is not an objective and independent observing. It is rather an understanding and feeling myself as a part of nature and responding to it in my own unique way. I am interested in what is beyond and often hidden. In the city`s periphery where the urban starts to crumble I feel getting very close to see what´s underneath.

By offering myself to the world authentically, I can lose control to explore the unknown and random of life´s complexity and unpredictability. Wonder lies in nature´s order and disorder, in darkness as well as in light. 

My intention is to tap its energy through my work.

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