Jennifer is a Fine Art and Commercial Photographer.  Her work focuses on Fashion-, Narrative Portraiture and Travel Photography.

German by birth she was educated in Hamburg and Los Angeles. Her former profession as a fashion designer has a strong impact on her present work.  As a photographer she works very intuitive and draws her inspiration mainly through subcultures derived from extensive travel that takes her to remote locations. 

The almost Documentary Photography comes to play as an intrinsic act which is nourished by a genuine interest in understanding cultures and liberation on a deeper level.

Soaking up the wonders

My approach is not an objective and independent observing. It is rather an understanding and feeling myself as a part of nature and responding to it in my own unique way. I am interested in what is beyond and often hidden. In the city`s periphery where the urban starts to crumble I feel getting very close to see what´s underneath.

By offering myself to the world authentically, I can lose control to explore the unknown and random of life´s complexity and unpredictability. Wonder lies in nature´s order and disorder, in darkness as well as in light. 

Arles 2018







Up to Here and No Further 

Runner up - woman seen by women -a special edition award celebrating the 10th anniversary edition of the Julia Margaret Cameron Award

Winner - LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards 2017

Honorable mention - Prix de la Photographie Paris PX3 2017 in the category "Fine Art- Portrait" - Professional

Honorable mention - International Photo Awards IPA 2016 in three categories: "Fine Art- Portrait", "Photo Essay and Feature Story" and "Deeper Perspective" - Professional 

Honorable mention - Tokyo International Foto Awards TIFA 2016 in the category "Fine Art- Portrait" - Professional

Found Things 

Tokyo International Foto Award TIFA 2016 in the category "Fine Art - Still Life" - Professional

Group Exhibitions/Publications

Up to Here and No Further 

Best of LensCulture Volume 2 photographers, Voies Off Festival, opening week of Les Recontres Arles, Cour de L´Archevêché, Arles, France July 3-8, 2018

5th Biennial of Fine Art & Documentary Photography, Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona, October, 2018. The Biennial will take place in several galleries in Barcelona, during the month of October 2018, with a central hub in the Gallery Valid Foto. Final venues will be announced shortly. The Biennial is also working in the feasibility of doing night projections of all works exhibited, in large screen in a public square in Barcelona during the Barcelona Gallery Week End on September 26-29.

Women Seen by Women Exhibition, Valid Foto Gallery, Barcelona, April 10-28, 2018 

LensCulture Emerging Talent Awards, Klompching Gallery, New York, March 7 - 17, 2018 

online publication: Bokeh Bokeh Photo

print publication: 6Mois, french biannual magazine of photojournalism focusing on photo-reportages which narrate the world, September Issue 2018

print publication: The Best of LensCulture Vol 2

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